Google Cloud Development Hecho facil con AESIS y AEEGLE

Canal Aesis

El desarrollo de software para la nube en su empresa ahora hecho facil con los frameworks de productividad de Aeegle, que reúnen la experiencia docenas de proyectos implementados anteriormente.

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4. Legacy Apps to Google Migration

5. Technologies

6. Applications

11. Store Audit Workflow Web Version

12. Store Audit Workflow Web Version

13. Store Audit Workflow Web Version

14. Store Audit Workflow Navite Andriod and iOS Version

1. Google Cloud Development Hecho facil ​San Salvador - Panamá - Los Angeles

10. Extended and configurable Google profile Job information skills

8. Demos - Intranets More than 20 intranets based on Google Sites developed Descriptión: Development of corporate Intranet using Google Sites, Google gadget, App engine y Google Apps Script Descriptión: Development of corporate Intranet using Google Sites, Google gadget, App engine y Google Apps Script

9. Global Search Files Events Posts Likes Comments Announce ments DEMO FOR AVERY DENNISON Comprehensive Enterprise Collaboration Platform

15. Global Aeegle Domination El Salvador M: +503 7850-5077 Ph: +503 2564-6680 Email: Panama Ph: (+507) 397 - 1771 Email: Los Angeles, CA M: ​+1 707 881-7830 Email:

2. Never Starting from Scratch Our Productivity Framework with Component Suite and Libraries Bring the Best of Aeegle to Every Project We Work On Productivity Framework Aeegle Features : ● Model-View-Controller Architecture ● Google Apps Integration (Single Sign on and API) ● Cross platform browser compatibility ● Running on Google App Engine ● Google Cloud SQL & Google Compute engine Integration ● Responsive Design (Bootstrap 3.0) ● Mobile Support ● Applications, Users, Roles and Groups Management Your Application here

3. Transactional Framework Our framework to develop transactional applications is based on Play Framework that integrates a full suite of tools and functionalities that facilitate the developer's tasks allowing them to create complex and large-scale transactional applications in a short time. Features ● MVC Application Architecture ● Cross Platform Browser Compatibility ● For large transactional developments ● Enhanced Grid, Charting ● Powerful Theming ● Forms, Layouts Benefits ● Native Integration with Google Apps (SSO) ● Integration with Google Apps API’s ● Easy to create and maintenance forms ● Easy to development workflows


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